Dunning Law Group provides a variety of services to small businesses.

We offer advice and assist in the creation of the structure for legally starting a business, eg. sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC or LLP. Our Attorneys have the experience and knowledge to work with clients to help create the most appropriate structure for any business activity.

Contracts is the legal term for agreements. Bad contracts eventually lead to disappointment and litigation. The attorneys of the Dunning Law Group can assist clients in resolving these issues in advance by carefully crafting appropriate agreements.

Litigation is an all too common outcome of business activities. Someone failed to perform on a promise, or predatory claims are brought against a business. In either case, the Dunning Law Group has decades of experience both pursuing and defending business-related lawsuits. Many business lawyers spend all their time drafting contracts, and have limited or no experience in the courtroom. The civil and criminal attorneys of the Dunning Law Group have decades of experience as successful trial lawyers.

Whether a business need involves a start-up, drafting or reviewing agreements, or protecting the company by asserting its rights in litigation, the attorneys of the Dunning Law Group have the experience to handle all the companys legal requirements.

Some sample business litigation cases




無論是創業公司、草擬或審批協議,或在訴訟過程保障顧客公司的權益,鄧寧律師事務都擁有相關經驗處理顧客公司的法律問題。 商業訴訟案件