Dunning Law Group provides consultation and preparation of Estate Planning documents.

Estate Planning is the process of creating a legal legacy that allows for the present management and swift transfer of family assets from one generation to the next at the lowest possible cost. Even a modest estate consisting of a home and retirement account in the Bay Area can result in significant fees in probate court, and long delays in order to change title to property held by the deceased. A properly structured estate plan avoids these excessive costs and delays by using living trusts or re-titling property. A variety of trusts or holding structures can also be used to minimize taxes on larger estates, and minimize exposure to aggressive creditors.

A typical family plan will include a Trust, Pour-Over Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Needs and a Living Will or Healthcare Directive. The Dunning Law Group charges competitive flat rate fees for this complete package depending on the complexity of the Trusts involved; some estates require more advanced planning, including Special Needs Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, S Corporation Formation, Life Insurance Trusts, Medi-Cal Planning and Charitable Planning.

People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan. The attorneys of Dunning Law Group can protect a family's future by preparing the proper business and estate plan in advance.

Some sample estate plans


不同種類的信託或控股結構亦可減免大筆遺產的稅收,及減低向債權人公開產業詳情的風險。一般家庭計劃包括一份信託、傾注(Pour-over Will)、財務持久授權書(Durable
Power of Attorney for Financial Needs)、立定生前遺囑、醫療指示(Healthcare Directive)。鄧寧律師事務所將按照信託的複雜性,收取相宜的一次性套餐費用。部分遺產更需要更須時進一步的計劃,包括特殊需求信託(The Special Needs Trust)、家庭有限合夥人(Family Limited Partnerships)、有限責任公司(Limited Liability Company、小型股份有限責任公司(S Corporation Formation)、人壽保險信託(Life Insurance Trusts)、Medi-Cal計劃和慈善規劃(Charitable Planning)。
未雨綢繆,鄧寧律師事務所預備的合適商業及遺產策劃,將可以保障一家的未來。 遺產策劃案例