When your finances become too much to handle, bankruptcy can be a quick and effective method for dealing with crushing debt while allowing you to hold onto some of your most cherished possessions. Bankruptcy is a defense to creditor’s claims, and is used as a viable business option by all of the largest corporations in the world. If it is good enough for them when business risks go bad, it is good enough for you or your small business when your finances take a turn for the worse and there is no recovery in sight.

There are different types of bankruptcies that include reorganizing debts or eliminating them altogether. The law provides protection from creditors that include a certain amount of equity in your home, your car, your jewelry, etc. Bankruptcies can also be limited to certain business entities or trusts without jeopardizing other business entities you own or your personal assets. This aspect of bankruptcy and debt collection law is another reason to consider the comprehensive estate planning and asset protection services provided by the Dunning Law Group.

Whether financial planning, credit management, or a chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy is right for you, the Dunning Law Group is there to counsel you to help you make the best choice for you and your family.